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Center for Alternative Sustainable and Intelligent Computing (ASIC)

Duke University

Last Reviewed: 12/21/2019

Center Mission and Rationale

The ASIC center focuses on designing alternative computing platforms for cognitive applications, which perform inefficiently on conventional von Neumann architectures. The ASIC center is motivated by the recent rapid developments in technology related to cognitive applications, and aim to enable high performance and energy efficient machine intelligence through novel hardware circuits, architecture design, and optimized computation models.

Research program


Aerospace, autonomous systems, anomaly detection, unmanned vehicles, surveillance

Facilities and Laboratory

The Duke Center of Evolutional Intelligence (CEI, co-directed by Dr. Yiran Chen and Dr. Hai Li is a 2,000ft2 research center located in Chesterfield Building at down-town of Durham.

The green data center at Syracuse University will be used to host the design and validation environment for the proposed projects. The data center is located in a $12.7 million, 12,000-ft2 facility at the south campus of Syracuse University.


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